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The Cars of Steve McGarrett Steve McGarrett Parts 1 and 2

A two-part article featuring cars driven by Steve McGarrett (played by Jack Lord) on the Hawaii Five-0 TV series. Includes never before published behind-the-scenes photos of Jack Lord on the Five-0 set.

One man's quest to locate, acquire and restore the 1968 Mercury Parklane Brougham driven by Steve McGarrett from 1968-1974. Follow the author as he finds what was left of the car in Hawaii and transports it to the midwest for restoration.

Includes Polaroids of Jack Lord on the Hawaii Five-0 set, which were found in the glove box of the wrecked car. These photos have NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED until now! Also features photos of the amazing restoration process.

"Swishing Tahitian hips, flashing blue lights, boom-boom giant combers crashing into shore, jerky camera shots and a black Mercury hardtop racing off into the Hawaiian night.

For twelve remarkable years, from September, 1968 to April, 1980, the U.S. television public was treated to a weekly viewing of CBS Television's number one rated series, Hawaii Five-0. For at least six of those years, my Mercury was the automotive star of that show. A trip to Hawaii in March, 1986, and a subsequent return with Steve McGarrett's undercover car ended a burning desire to acquire this special Mercury and make it part of my collection."

Go for a ride with John Boley Nordlum (Jack Lord's Five-0 stunt double) in McGarrett's last car. Jack Lord gave this 1974 Mercury Marquis to Nordlum at the end of Five-0's production run in 1980. He's driven it ever since.

"The car caught my eye, that big black beauty, as it paused at the intersection just across from the hotel. I felt goose bumps (in Hawaii it's called chicken skin) and I could imagine Steve McGarrett driving up to ask us to join the Five-O team on some dangerous, vital adventure. Then the car slowly, powerfully pulled onto Kuhio and came to a stop in front of us. Tourists on the sidewalk were oblivious to the huge auto rumbling throatily as it idled at the curb, unaware of the history that sat mere feet from where they walked. This was McGarrett's 1974 Marquis - old, but still possessed of a mighty heart."

(Photo below: John Boley Nordlum, Jack Lord's Hawaii Five-0 stunt double and current owner of McGarrett's 1974 Mercury Marquis.)

John Nordlum and McGarrett's third car, a 1974 Mercury Marquis


Jack Lord

I was lying in bed at the end of a late night of toil on this, what was to be our Jack Lord tribute issue. I was not ready to sleep, but too tired to work, so I listened to the news on the AM radio. The announcer said: "Jack Lord, best known for his portrayal of Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-0, TV's longest continually running police drama, who also played Felix Leiter in the 1962 James Bond film Dr. No..." Ah, crap, I knew where this announcement was headed, "...has died at the age of 77 of congestive heart failure. Aloha and mahalo." --ed.